About The Firm

The firm was founded in 1981 by Patrick Glenn following an extensive career with local banks. While in banking, he was engaged in all aspects of real estate financing, underwriting, appraisal, construction lending and placement of income property mortgage loans, participation loans and real estate investment acquisitions for pension trust clientele.

In addition to his broad banking background, Glenn has held executive level positions with real estate firms involved in investments acquisitions, project development and property management. Mr. Glenn brings to the appraisal profession insights from the perspective of both the lender, as well as, the borrower.

Late in 1989, Mr. Larry Lopp joined the firm. For the past ten years, Mr. Lopp has specialized in rural commercial and industrial, as well as, farm and ranching appraising.

The Need For Real Estate Appraisers

The economic concept of real estate as an origin of wealth and object of value is primary to appraisal knowledge. A professional appraiser’s opinion, backed by knowledge and experience can inspire confidence and influence the decisions of those who own, manage, sell, purchase, invest in and loan money on, the security of real estate. Realistic and dependable value estimates help to stabilize real estate loans and investments. An appraisal is an unbiased estimate of the nature, quality, value or utility if an interest in, or aspect of, identified real estate.

Real estate has been stated to be the foundation for social and economic structures and the derivation of wealth. In economic terms, land is one of the basic agents in production. For land (real estate) to have value, it must have a purpose, legal and functional use. The appraisal process is a multi-step analysis which entails macro and micro economic studies to accurately estimate value, quality, nature or interest in, real estate. A clear definition of the purpose, assemblage of germane information, knowledge of market trends, and analysis of pertinent data, are necessary in processing an accurate appraisal.

Real estate is said to be unique. And, certainly, income properties differ in physical qualities and attributes, nature and character, potential to generate revenue and position within the market place. Appraisal reports may be written to reflect the complexity or simplicity of real estate. However, the analytical procedure should not be a diminutive process. Our endeavor is that of providing the client with a precise assessment of the subject real estate, with regards to quality, nature, interest or value, as reflecting the bounds of the market.